Charlotte Mary at 1 week old | Milwaukee and Wisconsin Newborn Photographer

I was a part of Tamara & Mike’s lakeside wedding a few years ago (and still smile fondly at the memory of their small-wedding-party + elegant-lakeside-style = perfect wedding.) Fast forward to this summer and me walking up the steps of their adorable, bright and lovely home to meet Charlotte. She’s their newborn baby girl who’s lucky enough to be a part of a family that is seriously in love, with their story so far and of course, with her, the tiny ray of light that promises to change everything completely. Pictures and wine corks and lanterns and signs from their wedding decorate the rooms of their home now, but little things suggests that much is about to change – the boppy on the chair, the sonogram on the corkboard and ultimately, the Paris meets Safari nursery that plays host to many cuddle sessions these days. I loved seeing how easily Tam & Mike literally and figuratively have made room for her and she for them and I look forward to finding out who she is on her own. Maybe a skier like dad or really into Doc McStuffins like my little girl; maybe she’ll want to go to Paris to see the place the map on her wall depicts, or she’ll want to play with real giraffes and baby elephants, too.  No matter what I can already tell Mike & Tam will support her and guide her and love her all the way.

Sarah & Hans | Chicago Engagement & Wedding Photographer | Lincoln Park

Sarah & Hans have one of the more adorable engagement stories I ever heard. And I’ve heard a lot. The story goes that he tried on several occasions to create romantic scenarios with wonderful backdrops for his big ask (think lighthouses and lake cabins) but Sarah unknowingly did everything possible t0 thwart him (think inviting family along unexpectedly and food poisoning.) So one morning, in the simplest way possible, he knelt behind the refrigerator door as she was scouting for food and when she closed the door There He Was. On One Knee. And it turns out it was the best way for him to ask her to be his wife – homey and private, just the two of them, no scenic backdrops needed – just a few keenly felt promises and one big Yes.

Emily heard the story from them first hand on a beautiful day in Lincoln Park where they wandered along the trails and around the fascinating arch of the Nature Boardwalk. With a dramatic and lovely view of the city beyond they chatted and relaxed and told stories about one another, in a setting that despite its size felt rather homey and private. In a park full of thousands it was just the two of them, scenic backdrop in place this time, but still entirely optional.

Katie & Chris | Milwaukee Co. Historical Society | Basilica of St Josaphat Wedding

Katie & Chris have a love story that crosses continents and that fills their hearts near to bursting. And on their wedding day it seemed totally fitting to us that that they would be married in spaces and places that exude an old world, gilded charm that is a little over the top – but perfectly so. That’s because they both have big personalities to match their big hearts and collectively, a big happy family to help them celebrate. And celebrate they did. The day started apart – he at home and she at a hotel – and they met at the soaring golden alter at St. Josaphat’s Basilica. The polish words that letter the dome and the arches echoed on the lips of some of Chris’ family members and Katie’s family simply beamed to see their Katie wed Chris. With a stop at Marquette University where they met and a few moments at the art museum, Chris and Katie kept it all very Milwaukee, seating guests at the Historical Society at tables named for many of their favorite places around town and gifting all a special Anodyne Coffee blend crafted just for them. After a wonderfully giddy party of a dinner they danced the night away, with live music, a shoe change to boots on Katie’s part and a crowd of loving supporters that was happy to dance with them. It was very Milwaukee, very happy, very family, very Chris & Katie.

A Few Details ~

Bride’s dress – KellyFaetanini

Bride’s Shoes – Angela Nuran

Cake: Aggie’s Cakes

Florals – Sendik’s on Downer

Cufflinks: DLK Designs

Suits – Harley’s

Reception Site – Milwaukee County Historical Society

Jazz Band – Dan Dance

Vocalist – Jeannine Rivers

Coffee treats – Anodyne Coffee Roasters