Jenny & Ali | Milwaukee Art Museum Wedding Photographer

Jenny & Ali were married on a perfectly gorgeous fall weekend in Wisconsin surrounded by friends and family and an air of contentment and joy. The iconic Milwaukee Art Museum was the backdrop and the stage for all things wedding day, but really their relationship was the center of attention. They met through work and neither one is really from Milwaukee, but because of each other they’ve made it their own, always exploring, and sharing and creating this new life together. And on their wedding weekend it was made abundantly clear that these two were made for each other. The night before the wedding they hosted a Mehndi, a sort of rehearsal dinner meets henna party and made sure that on their wedding day there were no strangers among their bridal party and family. And that’s how the whole day felt – like a celebration of family and love and finding one’s way on the world. Their personable and, at times, hilarious, officiant talked a lot about what a marriage ceremony is all about – explaining the concept of “tying the knot” and why we wear wedding rings on a particular finger. The guests assembled in Windover Hall played along and helped bless Jenny & Ali’s union, shedding their individual reserve to join in the fun that was to come – each and every person there to say I Do to love right along with Jenny & Ali.

Much of Ali’s family lives overseas and his brother talked about how, many years ago, Ali left Pakistan on that country’s Independence Day. With a few tears in his eyes he said that always felt significant to him as Ali’s journey to the US and to Milwaukee and, ultimately, to Jenny was hard in the way that it is always hard to be apart from a loved one. But, he continued, it was supremely obvious to everyone that this version of Ali could find his home in any country, any state, any place on earth as long as Jenny was there. I’m pretty sure the same goes for her – Jenny & Ali, now and for always.

The Details ~

Flowers: La Tulipe

String Quartet: Last Minute Strings

Cupcakes: Classy Girl Cupcakes

Linens: BBJ

Hair & Makeup: Carter’s Salon, Grafton

Henna for Mehndi: Shefali Vallecha

Bride’s Dress: Stone Manor Bridal

Officiant: Derek Mosely


Socks: Happy Sox

Engraved Leaves: Etched in Time

Table numbers: Clareensquirkycorner

Name card holders: Vermont Branch Company

Custom Drawing of art museum: Antonia Gomez

DJ & Lighting: Sound By Design

Jack Henry | Milwaukee Newborn Photography

Almost exactly 4 years ago I posted an adorable blog featuring Lori & Richard and their only baby at the time – a furry beast named Bailey. A year later they added Will and since then its been all about raising their little man and growing as a family. And grown they have, welcoming Jack Henry just a few weeks ago. He’s impossibly small as all newborns are, all cries and snuggles and desperate for a warm pair of arms to lay in. He has this striking and sweet head of strawberry blonde hair and his big brother is at turns fascinated and uninterested in him, but it is quite obvious that Will is excited to have a brother. And I can only imagine in the years to come how lovely and wonderful it will be to have a brother to lean on for each of them. Looking back through my photographs of them it seriously seems that Lori & Richard never change – big smiles and open hearts always on display – but I know that in reality Everything Has Changed. Babies turn into toddlers turn into people and most importantly, they turn adults into parents, and Will and Jack are lucky to have Lori & Richard as their own.

Cade at 1 year | Milwaukee Family Photography

I first met Cade’s parents when they were pregnant with Elle, Cade’s older sister and a little girl that is growing in parallel to my own daughter Wren. I too was pregnant with my first when I photographed them some four autumns ago and there is something supremely special about watching a family grow when it so closely mirrors the changes in my own. I then had the pleasure of photographing them for Elle’s 1 year and then Cade’s birth just about 12 months ago. Happily, it seems that we are making it an annual thing! During this meeting for Cade’s 1 year photos I told older sister Elle that I knew her when she was in her mamma’s belly and she looked at me quizzically and all I could think was that’s the great gift of my profession and I’m oh-so-grateful for it. Elle and Cade paid little attention to my sentimental turns during our session, but that’s because they were too busy having fun with one another, mom and dad, and with getting to run and crawl and play on the Riverwalk. Cade is growing up fast like all second children do – trying to keep up with his sister and sneaking in moments of alone time with mom or dad when possible. He has a big smile and a sweet temperament and he’s no pushover when it comes to play time with the big kids. Watch out world, Cade is growing up!