Lucia at 6 Months | Wisconsin Family Photographer

Lucia has sparkling eyes and chubby rolls, soft skin and a warm home. That home is already decorated for Christmas and mom & dad were keen to capture this particular once in a lifetime holiday season with their 6 month old darling. So Lucia wore red and we all wore smiles. Lucia is just starting to settle into a routine at home, napping often and cuddling always. She likes her music and she’s so very attentive. She is simply lovely and so are these images: filled with love and light, they show a young family getting to know each other and loving every moment of it.

Emily & James | Chicago Engagement Photography

Emily & James will be married next summer at the always beautiful Whistling Straits. They fell in love with the venue as soon as they saw it and really, who wouldn’t? With windswept grassy dunes overlooking Lake Michigan, Whistling Straits is a wedding spot that somehow manages to be cozy and elegant at the same time. My associate photographer Emily will be there for James and Emily next year and those are pretty much the words she used to describe the two of them together after spending an afternoon with them in their beloved Chicago. She met them at their cozy home close to Wrigley Field and enjoyed getting to know the two of them (and their dog!), marveling at how they fit so well together. They meandered around some of their favorite spots and celebrated the recent Cubs World Series win, took in the sky line and cuddled with their pup, enjoying the wind the city is famous for and really, enjoying each other.

Reva Claire | Modern Natural Light Newborn Photography

Reva Claire is a bundle of joy. I know people say that all the time about babies but with Reva, it’s true and it’s worth noting. When I met her on a sunny day in Chicago everything about her home, her room, her parents and her being spoke of joy. Every sleepless night is worth her smile; every new parental challenge really more of an adventure just because she’s there. Even the cautious kitties in her life are pretty jazzed about her sunlit crib and comfy rocker, even if they haven’t quite figured out if she’s staying…forever. As a mom of three I’m pretty nostalgic about the firsts that a new family gets to experience and I couldn’t be happier for this little family about to spend its first Christmas together as a family of three.