Amber & Gregg | Milwaukee Art Museum Wedding Photographer

Amber & Gregg were married on the first Sunday in May, Sunday weddings being a tradition in Amber’s family. But that was one of the few traditional parts about the day. Yes, there was dinner and dancing, a pastor and a white dress, but there was also a bridesman, cowboy boots, the soaring atrium of the Milwaukee Art Museum and two father-daughter dances (one for Amber and her dad but also one for Gregg and his daughter Lauren).  I love that while Amber and Gregg live in Montana now they celebrated getting married in Amber’s home state, pulling their past and present together in lovely and simple ways. She carried his wedding ring in the box that usually holds his class ring from the Merchant Marine Academy and when he called her that morning the screen contact info read “Handsome Pilot” instead of his name. They gifted handmade beer caddies filled with Wisconsin’s favorite brews to their bridal party and hosted a cocktail hour complete with delightfully tasty old school Wisconsin apps like deviled eggs. His children took vows during the ceremony too, one of his sons offering the ring to seal the union while all three children were simply blissful all day. But really, the best part of the day for me was that Gregg itched to put his arms around Amber all day, nearly giddy to be her husband, her man, her pilot for the rest of their lives. In the end it was a day all about doing things their way, meshing their families and their friends together in a whirlwind of laughter and love, a day to toast the past and to welcome the future heartily and wholly.

The Details ~

Bride’s Dress: Allure, purchased at The Bride’s Shoppe in Great Falls, MT
Bridesmaid Dresses: Anthropologie / BHLDN
Hair & Makeup: Scottfree Salon
Veil: The Bride’s Shoppe, Great Falls, MT
Groom/Groomsmen Suits: Michael Kors
Rustic Beer Caddy: custom made by a friend!
Cake: Simma’s
Florals: Petals CK
DJ & Lighting: Sound By Design

Ellie at 1 | Wisconsin Family Photographer

I met Jamie & Dan years ago at this point; I’ve photographed them through their engagement, at their wedding, through loving and losing their dog Dante; and now, I’m so thrilled to be able to photograph them as the family that baby Ellie has made them. Baby Ellie is really Little Girl Ellie now, a 1 year old with shining blue eyes, an inquisitive and ever-expanding mind, an easy smile and two sweet fur siblings in Charlie and Lucy. Her house is still new to her (she and her family just moved in last month) but it’s big open spaces and lovely light look good on her and I can easily imagine the wonderful childhood she’s destined to have here whether playing by the river or listening to Sublime on the back patio. On her actual 1st birthday I let her lead the way, playing in all her favorite spots with some of her favorite people (and dogs.) It was, very simply, the perfect way to spend an afternoon with Ellie.

Rocco & His Family | Wisconsin Natural Light Family & Newborn Photographer

A week or so ago I made my now seemingly annual pilgrimage to Amy & Tony’s house to photograph their family as they grow older and up together, welcome new siblings and learn how to be a family. On this day I met Rocco, a new baby brother for Louise and Florence, two little girls who have already blessed their parent’s lives as much as they’ve filled their hearts and hands. Paisley the dog greeted me, a sweet little fur ball who delights in any ounce of attention aimed his way, and he was soon followed by the biggest sister in the fam, Louise. A preschooler now, Louise was all lace and loveliness, questions and helpful hands, a little girl a wee bit overwhelmed with all the changes a new baby in the house brings. But it was equally clear to me that she is so very well prepared with parental love and assurances that I’m quite certain that she’ll soon figure it all out and reign supreme as the Oldest Sister. Florence was unusually shy and hid behind books and dolls, preferring daddy’s lap to dancing in front of the camera. Still, her naturally gregarious, happy self couldn’t hide for long and she decided kisses and hugs for Rocco were the order of the day. And so then there was Rocco: a newborn, a helpless babe, so welcome in this house and already so loved his mama could do nothing but hold him, breath deeply and smile.