Jessica & Stephen | Chicago Engagement Photography

Jessica & Stephen are my kind of people – big hearted, country-meets-city, jump in feet first kind of people. I get the sense they have both done just fine in their worlds before one another, building careers and lives in Chicago, but together everything has taken on new meaning and new happiness. I met them on a classic Chicago early spring day to wander about her neighborhood and the places they meander near daily with Jessica’s pup. It was a bit windy and a cool mist hung over Lincoln Park before the clouds lifted to showcase the skyline not too far away. We also went to North Avenue Beach where not so long ago Stephen proposed and there they danced a slow little dance on the sand, Jessica letting the wind and Stephen’s arms wrap her up. On the edge of the expanse of lake and city it was just them, Jessica & Stephen, together.

Callie & John | Chicago & Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

Callie & John have sweet ties to the city of Chicago. Although they don’t live downtown, it’s the place where they love to wander and entertain themselves, a place to discover and explore, and perhaps best of all, a place that holds the memory of their engagement. John proposed to Callie close to Trump tower, by the river in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, his words making everything fade away except for him, her and her swooning yes. They’ll be married in early fall a bit further north, in Wisconsin at the lovely Big Foot Country Club, and I can’t wait to photograph what promises to be an elegant and intimate wedding surrounded by a more green setting. But for now I’m content just looking at these photos where spring sunshine surprised us all and kissed their skin warmly as they walked about the place where he asked and she said yes.

Janae & Zach | Wisconsin Rustic Engagement Photographer

Emily and I photograph a lot of couples in love – of course – but there is something about Janae and Zach that has the feeling of fate about it. As individuals, they are more than comfortable in their own skins, but put them together and a bit of magic happens, the kind of magic that makes a photographer think these two were made for each other. They met working at her family’s business, more or less the way her parents met, in fact, and they are working towards their careers and building a life that is all their own. For these photos they chose a piece of land that is near and dear to them, a wild and enchanting place that belongs in the family – a place where they could meander and enjoy the sunshine of an early spring afternoon. Emily will meet them again in August to photograph their wedding, closer to water and the relaxation that comes with a lakeside ceremony and I am certain it will be as lovely, sweet and meant to be as these two deserve.