Sarah & Jon | Pritzlaff Winter Wedding in Milwaukee

Sarah & Jon’s wedding day was unbelievably happy, with touches of humor and antics only found in the midwest, savory foods plus the perfect amount of frills, and ultimately two adorably in-love protagonists. They grew up together but their story really started when Jon – more or less – moved to Boston to see if she would date him. Yes, you read that right. To see if she would date him. Date him she did and by all accounts it was a solid decision on her part. Sarah is witty and gorgeous, sometimes quiet but always a Presence. To his friends and family Jon is Super Man- dedicated, helpful, soulful and a total catch. Together Sarah & Jon are a force of happiness and love to be reckoned with. For them the January sun shone a bit brighter and the sky was just a bit bluer, their whole day turned up to eleven. We loved watching and working a little magic for them as they shared emotional moments on the beach, hand in hand before their flower laden altar, at the head of their King’s table, and yes, even on the dance floor. Cheers to taking risks and moving across country; cheers to saying yes, a hundred thousand times over, yes.

The Details ~

Flowers: Milwaukee Flower Co.

Bride’s Dress: Galina Signature

Suits: Calvin Klein

Invitations: Amy Felton

Pie: Honeypie

Music: Kyle Feerick

Bridesmaid Dresses: Weddington Way

Linens: BBJ

Bridesmaid wraps: Anthropologie

Hair & Makeup: Neroli

Venues: Historic Pritzlaff and Hilton Garden Inn

Newborn Lucy Elizabeth | Milwaukee Natural Light Baby Photography

Around the time of my own wedding I discovered a book called The Gift. It contains the words and writings of Hafiz, a Persian poet/mystic who seemed to be speaking straight to me with every turn of the page. I must say that when I read his poetry at 26 I thought it was talking about my love for my husband. But with each year and each new baby in my life I think that maybe Hafiz is talking about my love for my daughters and my husband. So when I meet a new baby – a new daughter – for new parents I am reminded of the awesomeness of love’s capacity to expand and reveal, to change and create more love. Sarah & David are my most recent proof of this truth. They are tooth achingly sweet to one another and what I adore about them is they they wear their hearts on their proverbial sleeves. David was taught to crochet by his mom and I think he finds it to be an almost meditative, devotional way of relating his love for his family. When something big happens David crochets something – a blanket for a wedding proposal picnic, another blanket for a wedding day gift and over the last 9 months, adorable outfits based on their favorite children’s books. So on a sunny morning in Lucy’s second week of life I met them at the family lake house and we played dress up. From hand made blanket to hand made clothes, Lucy was always swaddled in love and happiness. And I was reminded: When all your desires are distilled you will cast just two votes – to love more and be happy. ~ Hafiz

Kara & Jason | Pfister Hotel Winter Wedding Photography

Kara & Jason’s winter wedding was half everything they imagined it would be and half the biggest surprise of their lives. They had been planning a late May wedding but the delightful chaos of fate stepped in and these two mad busy architects decided to redesign their nuptials. They kept all the sweet, generous details that define the way they treat each other (surprise gifts for one another, an emotional mass at the Cathedral, traditional Italian sweets and a memory table plus an evening spent at the architecturally significant Pfister where Jason proposed) but they changed the scope of the reception to focus more on family. I love that they managed to create a wedding that incorporated the best of all their worlds as they mingled with friends and family over cocktails and danced under the soaring coffered ceiling of the Imperial Ballroom, and ultimately enjoyed an intimate dinner with parents and siblings. The day was a little unpredictable and utterly awesome; it was a surprise and a promise all wrapped in one. It was completely and totally Perfect.