Rhys at 1 Year | Milwaukee Family Photography

There are blue eyes and then there are Rhys’ blue eyes. There are chubby cheeks and then there are Rhys’ chubby cheeks. There are cute dogs and then there is Rhys’ cute dog. Basically, Rhys has it all, in superlatives. My first sight of this little man was him belly/army crawling across his home’s shiny wood floors, in search of Chloe the dog and a toy to play with. Once he noticed me he switched focus, to finding a book and playing with his trucks. I hung out, played with Chloe and played with him, catching his attention with soft drink cans and plastic kitchen-ware (kids like the darnedest things!) And I witnessed love, the deep kind a mom has for her son, a husband for his wife, and family for itself. It was a sweet, simple, sun-filled session for Rhys. It was, simply the best.

Jordan & Jeff | Golden Mast Inn Wedding Photography

Jordan and Jeff were married on summer Saturday that started out unusually wet and dreary for June, but after the ceremony and for the remainder of the day the sun shone for them, an answered prayer and something to be grateful for. Emily was there for them and felt like that was really the story of their whole day: being grateful. Jordan and Jeff are grateful to have both chosen the same small college to attend where they ultimately met and forged their faith together. They are grateful for talented family members who made their day memorable and personal (Jeff’s mom made the cake and an uncle offered the music at their wedding ceremony, including one song he wrote himself.) And their families toasted and noted in turn how grateful they are to each be welcoming such an ideal mate for their child into their respective families. As a new mama myself I can only imagine what a relief and a gift it must be to love your child’s chosen partner and with Jordan and Jeff that is certainly a gift they’ve given their parents. To life and love, answered prayers and grateful hearts; To Jordan and Jeff!

The Details~

Dress: Betrothed

Flowers: Impressions by Esther

Cake: Groom’s Mom

DJ & Lighting: Star Vision Entertainment

Bridesmaid: BHLDN

Makeup: Giselle Granados

Hair: Salon de Belle

Claire & Sam | Milwaukee Beach Engagement Photography

Sometimes before engagement sessions I look back at my notes from my first meeting with a couple and I see the phrase “they think they aren’t photogenic” and I smile, because I know that two people in love meandering the city on a beautiful day is always photogenic. Claire & Sam’s notes may have contained a further phrase – “he hates photos” – but once we settled into our session gone was all trace of that guy and instead before me was a couple so happy and comfortable together the camera couldn’t help but love them, too. We started in their current neighborhood and walked in the shadow of the building they live in, tracing paths along the river and the bridge that they’ll soon bid farewell to as they look for a house together. Then we chased sunlight on the beach with their adorable, goofy, giant of a dog named Gus in tow. I loved seeing Claire & Sam slowly give in to the laughter and love and fun and light, forgetting that I was there, forgetting that the night had anything to do with being photogenic and instead letting it just be about being together.