Melissa & Adam in Puerto Vallarta | Wisconsin Destination Wedding Photographer

Melissa & Adam’s story starts more than a decade ago- two kids in school, surrounded by mutual friends, adoring families and so much life to life. 12 years later they’ve grown up together, but that’s still their story – minus the school part – and their destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta brought it all home to them. More than 40 friends and family traveled upwards of 2000 miles to the west coast of Mexico to celebrate, to witness, to toast, to party, to simply be there, for them, as they always have been. We were there too to capture their experience in images. Surrounded by relentlessly beautiful light and little gifts like a gorgeous resort, a thriving and intimately accessible town, calm ocean waters and perfect weather we meandered and enjoyed the days. Meli & Adam have been together a long time, it’s true, but I love how a wedding ceremony (or the promise of one within a few days) can transform old loves into what looks and feels like a new adventure.

Jessica & Ross | Lincoln Square Engagement Photography

Jessica & Ross make friends wherever they go – not because they are particularly gregarious or loud or try to be the center of attention. Instead they treat everyone they meet like they are already friends and that is the kind of loveliness that makes a couple stand out. When Emily met them in Lincoln Square for this session she told me she didn’t feel like she was working – instead she was hanging out with her new friends who felt a lot like old friends already. With Emily behind the camera they meandered together about their favorite part of town, checking out a little record shop and enjoying the warm spring sunshine on their faces. They’ve lived in different states and different countries and have grown up together in many ways. As he followed his work and she followed him they started a life and now no one is following, or even really leading. They just are and what they are is all they need. That’s what I think these photos show and I love everything about them.

Jessica & Stephen | Chicago Engagement Photography

Jessica & Stephen are my kind of people – big hearted, country-meets-city, jump in feet first kind of people. I get the sense they have both done just fine in their worlds before one another, building careers and lives in Chicago, but together everything has taken on new meaning and new happiness. I met them on a classic Chicago early spring day to wander about her neighborhood and the places they meander near daily with Jessica’s pup. It was a bit windy and a cool mist hung over Lincoln Park before the clouds lifted to showcase the skyline not too far away. We also went to North Avenue Beach where not so long ago Stephen proposed and there they danced a slow little dance on the sand, Jessica letting the wind and Stephen’s arms wrap her up. On the edge of the expanse of lake and city it was just them, Jessica & Stephen, together.