Twins | Leonardo & Luciana

Rewind to a warm, clear day in July 2008 and you might spy a gorgeous Maggie marrying her equally handsome Piero, the I Do’s in the soaring nave of Gesu followed by a touching and intimate reception off Prospect Avenue. I would be the one dressed in black lingering behind them with two cameras and a bag of lenses trying to keep up with the beauty and happiness that floated along with them everywhere they went. Skip back to present day and you’ll see them a little older and a little wiser (still gorgeous) and I’m still toating the lenses and cameras…and a pink blanket and blue blanket and a basket and all sorts of soft pillowy things. You see, Maggie & Piero just had twins, gemelli in Italian, the language of Piero’s family and I suspect one Maggie speaks a bit of, as well. (After all, if your husband is named Piero and you’ve taken his Italian last name I imagine its a requirement.)

I gemelli were born in August and I was lucky enough to photograph them just a few days after tiny Leonardo made it home to join his sister Luciana. They are exactly what one would expect: tiny sweethearts, happy to be warm and loved, snuggly to bits and in una frase – sono perfetti. Perfect.

During our session an inevitable mealtime rolled around. I loved capturing these everyday moments that all too soon will be a memory for them.

Maggie & Piero – Grazie mille per l’opportunita’ di fotografare i vostri gemelli perfetti. Vi auguro il meglio…